Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Duffy and the Cloak Bay Bully!

One of Room 8's favourite time of the year is when the Duffy Show comes to our school.
Singing the Duffy song in sign language. Very cool!

This year the show was about 'how to stand up to a bully'

You should ask for help from a friend or adult  you trust(your teacher is a good person to ask). Never stay silent!

Duffy made a stand against bullying by telling his best friend that what they were doing was not kind.

Did you know that reading just for 6 minutes when you are upset or worried will help you. Your heartbeats slows, your muscles relax and become less tense and your state of mind, how you feel, changes. Your stress level reduces by 60%. Wow! 

Keep on reading everyone!

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