Friday, 22 June 2018

Matariki in Room 8

We have been learning a lot about Matariki over the past 2 weeks. 

We have researched online, asked our whanau and used the experts in our class to understand more about this very special Maori tradition. 

Check out our own learning blogs to see how we have shared our learning. 

Kosha, modelling our cloak we shared at assembly.

We used watercolours and Maori patterns to colour in our feathers. 

We went to our buddy class today to share our learning and to listen to a story.
Sharing kai (food) is an important part of Matariki.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Eden Albert Cross Country

Well done to all of the students from Room 8 who represented our school at the Eden/Albert cross country final today. Mrs O'Shea was very impressed with your awesome attitude and effort. It was a long, challenging course.  You are all excellent examples of  manaakitanga!

Duffy and the Cloak Bay Bully!

One of Room 8's favourite time of the year is when the Duffy Show comes to our school.
Singing the Duffy song in sign language. Very cool!

This year the show was about 'how to stand up to a bully'

You should ask for help from a friend or adult  you trust(your teacher is a good person to ask). Never stay silent!

Duffy made a stand against bullying by telling his best friend that what they were doing was not kind.

Did you know that reading just for 6 minutes when you are upset or worried will help you. Your heartbeats slows, your muscles relax and become less tense and your state of mind, how you feel, changes. Your stress level reduces by 60%. Wow! 

Keep on reading everyone!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Bike safety with Bigfoot!

Yesterday, in the rain, Bigfoot Adventures Ltd came to school to teach us about bike safety. We had a great time!

First, we had a classroom session where we learnt and were reminded how to be safe when riding. 

 Zoe is showing us how to tie your jumper in a 'Owai sausage roll', so it doesn't get caught up in your bike.

We were reminded that we need to be seen on our bikes. Adam is wearing a reflective vest (bag underneath) or you can get reflective covers for you bag. 

Too wet to practice! Inside we go.

Practicing what we have learnt. 

Celebrating our completed Hupara!

Read about how we designed a hupara. A big thank you to Zoe, Licha and Alodia for sharing our journey with the rest of the schools and adults involved. You were fantastic!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Kauri Team Cross Country!

A big congratulations to all of Room 8. Everyone showed great manawanuitanga during our cross country event. I saw persistent and resilient, right up to the finish line. You all should be proud of yourselves, I know I am! (Miss G)
Well done Room 8!

Keane, Bruno and Zoe, having a blast!

Alodia, Lillia, Salma and Licha. 100% in everything they do!

Friday, 1 June 2018

Green Week Assembly

This week we hosted Green Week Assembly for the whole school. We shared our learning about bees, the travel wise people came in to give out some prizes and we acknowledged Samoan Language week. 

The presenters and Miss G dressed as a bee......

Green Week is when we look deeper at what it means to be a guardian of the environment - Kaitiakitanga. Omar was chosen as our STAR this week because of his work around why we need bees.

Well done Omar - you have made Room 8 proud!