Thursday, 20 July 2017

Be Organised! School focus Number 10.

School starts on Monday, 25th July at 8:55am. Here are some helpful hints to make sure you are ready for learning.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Siona Fernandes Inspires Us!

Yesterday we had a visit from Siona Fernandes who represented NZ at the 2012 London Olympics in boxing. She is a talented sportsperson and has trained in Indian classical dancing. 

Siona told us that her dancing help with her boxing career. She learnt footwork, agility, stamina, and balance which are needed in both boxing and dancing. Siona also said that boxing requires determination, discipline, and a positive attitude. 

Thank you for sharing your Olympic journey with us. 

Friday, 30 June 2017

Happy Matariki!


Matariki is a time for celebrating. Today at school the Whānau group got up early (5:30am) and climbed up Mt Albert to see the 7 sisters (the stars) and then had breakfast at school. Later on we had a special assembly and the Kapa Haka group preformed. They were amazing!
We also talked about what it means to be a kaitiaki (care taker) and shared information about the rongoa plants we had been caring for. Finally we all shared some delcious steamed pudding.  A great day! Here is a short video made by Krisha, Hadia and Frankie, sharing what they have learnt

Our 3D Town!

We have been learning all about 3D shapes this week. We decided to design and make a city using only cuboids and square based pyramids. We designed the building we wanted to make and then made the net of the shape we needed. Here are some photos of our finished town.

School Focus Number 9 - Manners Matter!

Having good manners means that you care enough about other peoples feelings and act in a positive way. Manners do matter!


As part of our learning about forces we went to MOTAT. We had a bridge building workshop to see how forces work in the real world. 

Here are 2 examples of our bridges. Well done JD and Gracie, you now know about compression and extension. 

Tobi and Jacob making a quick bridge using sticks, plastic and string. Will it stand up to gravity and a strong push or pull?

Leo testing out the forces of push, acceleration and gravity 

Our Awesome Class Assembly with Room 25

We had a lot of fun practicing, then preforming, our class assembly for the school and our parents. It was all about forces. Here are a few photos showing us in action!
Jacob and Tobi ready to slide into action.

Ali showing what an unbalanced force is like.

Natalie and Yousif  talking about different forces.

Frankie, Ketula, Leo, Adam and Ayaan in our play.