Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Bike safety with Bigfoot!

Yesterday, in the rain, Bigfoot Adventures Ltd came to school to teach us about bike safety. We had a great time!

First, we had a classroom session where we learnt and were reminded how to be safe when riding. 

 Zoe is showing us how to tie your jumper in a 'Owai sausage roll', so it doesn't get caught up in your bike.

We were reminded that we need to be seen on our bikes. Adam is wearing a reflective vest (bag underneath) or you can get reflective covers for you bag. 

Too wet to practice! Inside we go.

Practicing what we have learnt. 


  1. hay my name is Benaiah and i like the peger with the bikes you are good at rading bikes why did you do this blog because it is cool by got to go

  2. Kia ora Room 8,
    Bigfoot Bikes have certainly taught you some great tips for staying safe on your bikes. You have taught me something by sharing it on your class blog - I had never heard to tying your jumper in a owai sausage roll - what a good idea! How many children in your class have a bike?