Friday, 1 June 2018

Alliteration in Room 8

During Green Week Room 8 had some fun with alliteration.  This is when you repeat the sound of the first or second letters in a series of words.  

Here are some of the sentences we wrote:

Richard the rattlesnake likes recycling rotten rubbish.   By Alodia

Green grass growing great.  By Bruno

Rory the rabbit raced to recycle rusty rubbish.  By Lillia

Snobby Simon the snail slid slowly sideways.  By Isaiah & Washington

Rachael recycles rusty rubbish regularly in her rubbish routine.  By Kosha

Bob the black bee buzzed busily.  By Jonty
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  1. hi i am kian from gilberthorpe school i really learnt something with reading