Thursday, 7 May 2015

Monday - paper helicopters

 We love science week! 

 What do you think happen when we added paperclips to the bottom of the helicopter? They spun faster to the ground.

 We made a large and small helicopter. Which one do you think spun faster to the ground?  The smaller one.

We found out that when we let go of the helicopter the air pushes against the blades and bends them up a little. This makes the helicopter spin.

 Here is a link to a youtube clip that shows you how to make one.


  1. Hi Room 21. It looks like you have had some fun learning through science this week. Room 19 student did the helicopter learning experience last year. They had LOTS of fun testing them out.
    Come and visit our page and check out some of the student blogs.

  2. Hi Room 21 that looks like fun. I like how you put some photos to show how it looked like and I like how you put some information. The you tube clip you put at the bottom was really clever.
    By Hebah