Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Matariki Celebrations

At the end of last term Owairaka School celebrated Matariki, the Maori New Year. We all made kites, both an traditional one made out of toetoe and flax (for our classroom) and personal ones made out of plates or paper. The whole school had an fantastic afternoon flying them together. 

Maori kites are known as manu tukutuku or manu aute. Did you know that Manu is the Maori word for both bird and kite?

Kites were flown for recreation, a means of communication and they were also used to gauge whether an attack on an enemy stronghold would be successful.


  1. Bonjour room 17,
    that looks like a lot of fun flying kites.I like all of the different types of kites. was it very windy?

  2. Bonjour Room 17!
    It looks like you had lots of fun flying those beautiful kites. I liked the kites because they had pretty designs on them. I wish I was there. How did you make them? They look amazing.

  3. Hi I am Iona,
    I Iike all the cool kites you made for matariki they look really cool what was your favourite part of matariki was it when you made the kites or cooking food.bye Iona

  4. Hi Room 17
    I really like your Maori kites.Do you have fun making the Maori kites or playing with the Maori kites?My name is Jasman and I am from Hay Park School here is the link to my blog
    By Jasman