Thursday, 20 September 2018

A special guest.... Tigilau Ness

This term all of Kauri Team has been learning about the 1970's and the dawn raids. We have been reading the Dawn Raid novel written by Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith.

 One of our favourite characters in the book is Tigi, who is based on Tigilau Ness (the father of Che Fu.) Room 25 invited Tigilau to our school to come and share his story, his experiences of the 1970's and what the dawn raids were like. 

Tigilau is a member of the Polynesian Panthers. The Polynesian Panthers help in the community by supporting people to know their rights and by standing up for what they believe in.
Tigilau even sang us some songs!
Tigilau believes that education is the key. Educate to liberate!


  1. Hey! Oisin here, I think that this was a really good post. I actually know Tigi Ness, and I've seen him at a lot of protests with his grandson. (who is awesome at the sax) Blog ya later! He is a really cool guy.

    Oh, by the way here's my blog...

  2. hey Abel here form rm 23 i love your post it was amaze how long did it take to do this.

  3. hello room 8 my name is damsey