Friday, 13 April 2018

Making healthy choices

Adele, from the Heart Foundation ran a workshop with our class about how to read food labels. We were surprised at how much hidden sugar is our cereals and muesli bars. We now know how to read the label to make healthy choices when buying food. Thanks Adele!
Zoe and Alodia reading the information carefully.

Questyn, Bruno, Kosha and Tuki discussing what sodium is. It means salt.

Eli. Licha, Yousif and Theoden looking at how much sugar is in a favourite breakfast cereal. 

 Ben, Muhamood, Fairy Judy, Lillia and Salma looking for the fibre content. Some labels don't have it on them. 
Luka, Jonty and Bruno deciding which drink has the most sugar.

Uati, Yousif, Salma and Theoden are debating which drink has the most sugar. Concentrated orange juice has a lot of sugar and we were surprised by this.

Ben, Kosha and Muhamood discussing what has more sugar, coke, LP or sprite. Its sprite and LP! Who knew!

Water is the best choice!

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