Friday, 1 September 2017

Book Day Excitement!

What a fantastic end to our exciting book week. Well done to everyone who dressed up. You all looked amazing. Can you spot Ron Weasly, Dracula, Luna Lovegrove, a ghost, Wonder Women, a ninja, a few princesses including Pocahontas, Captain Jack Sparrow, Ben from Gangsta Granny and the Wizard of Oz in our class photo?

Book Day 2017 - Room 21


  1. Hi I am Alexandra from New Windsor school and I really like all your costumes and how much effort you put into your outfits.Do you have any ideas for what you will do next time ?

  2. I am Florence from New Windsor school,it is cool to see some of the people that I recognize From when you came to my school for the ako hiko toolkits!Good to see that everyone put in the effort to dress up.I wonder what you will wear next time?

  3. Hi I am Khalen from New Windsor school.I just have to say that I love your costumes and you had probable had put lots of work into these costumes.I can not wait to see your next year one.From Khalen

  4. Hi room 21 (aka) my class you guys look so good in your book week costumes.

  5. Thank you for the kind and helpful comments New Windsor school students you must have very good teachers.