Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Siona Fernandes Inspires Us!

Yesterday we had a visit from Siona Fernandes who represented NZ at the 2012 London Olympics in boxing. She is a talented sportsperson and has trained in Indian classical dancing. 

Siona told us that her dancing help with her boxing career. She learnt footwork, agility, stamina, and balance which are needed in both boxing and dancing. Siona also said that boxing requires determination, discipline, and a positive attitude. 

Thank you for sharing your Olympic journey with us. 


  1. I loved when she spoke to us about never giving up and I liked the slideshow.

  2. Hi Room 21,

    This looks very inspirational! What sport does your class like to play?

    Anita GBS

  3. It was a pleasure . All the best. Always here to help...