Sunday, 18 June 2017

Green Day Clean Up

We decided to do a quick street clean up for our Green Day job. We picked up 7 bags of rubbish in less than 1hr! We decided that this was terrible and are going to think about ways to educate our local community about why we need to only put rubbish in the bin.
JD finding rubbish everywhere. 
Leo and Yousif working together.

Well done Ketula and Farman. Your keen eye sight has spotted some hidden rubbish.

Adam is making sure its only rain down the drain. Awesome work!

Ketula, Isaiah and Leo carrying our full bags of rubbish.
Well done Room 21. You are doing your part to keep Owairaka and NZ clean and green!


  1. Hi room 21,
    it's good to see our class in action!
    (Especially me).

  2. hi room 21. It really good to see that when we did the clean up that everyone had gloves to pick up the horrible rubbish. And it's good to see the girls in action!

  3. WOW, 7 bags in less than an hour! That is terrible! Thank goodness we have people like you in the community who are so helpful. Have you thought of any ways you can educate the community about respecting our country and not throwing rubbish out?