Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Our school focus for Green Week....


  1. kia ora its Josh from Grey Main mamaku hub. I like how you did this thing to be kind and you can put more writing in I like how you did it it is miharo (amazing) work on it. I like how you think to be good at you school.

  2. Kia Ora, room 21, its Hannah from Grey Main Schools Mamaku Hub.
    You guys are very caring! I really like that you do a lot of ways to be caring for people and plants. I think it is very nice. I think you guys are amazing, and I hope you all keep this up!

    Bye for now, Room 21! (Just click my name if you want to leave a comment on my blog!)

  3. Kia Ora Room 21,
    My name is Anna and I am from Mamaku 3 I care for the environment to as a matter of fact I clear the rubbish in our class room. 'I care a lot about animals and I have two of my own 1 dog and 1 cat that I love very much. Maybe next time you could add in something about it other than a tittle. Kai Pai From Anna.