Friday, 10 June 2016

A Few Quick Writes

…a whistle blew and everyone disappeared…

What a beautiful day at the beach I thought in my head. It’s a sunny day, that’s properly why their are lot’s of people are here. Fwooooooooot. Wait why did a whistle blow? I thought that they only blowed at a football game or a rugby game? And they normally blow at half time or if someone gets Injured. They do blow at the beach but what’s it for a water wave no, for a tsunami, yes that’s it!  Wait! Tsunami! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooo! Time to run!

By Vegas

The Strange Door
A whistle blew and everyone disappeared from the rugby game. All that was left was one single person still cheering for a minute, then he noticed that everyone was gone, but he didn’t know where. He saw a strange doorway, with hundreds of twinkling stars around it and he went through it. He saw a ice cream stand and asked how much does this cost the ice cream cost? The lady said “its free.”
Then he said “oh yayyyy, but I need to find the people from the rugby game now,” and he carried on walking.
Then he finally found them, they were at the cafe drinking some coke, he grabbed a coke too even though he had a ice cream!  He thought to himself, this is a bit strange, it can’t be real. It must be a dream. So he slapped himself in the face. “Ouch,” he shouted and woke up. Crazy, crazy dream.

By Fiona

The Fifa World Cup

A whistle blew and everyone disappeared off the field. It was half time there were a lot of people around because the are watching the Fifa World Cup. The soccer players finally came back on to the field. We had  stopped the game because a soccer player was injured, from a dangerous slide tackle. It was the last five minutes of a Barcelona vs Manchester United match. The scores were two all. Manchester, who hasn't won since 1950, was hoping to win. Barcelona scored and it was three, two.  The whistle went for the end of the game and Barcelona won. Everybody ran onto the field, screaming and slid on the grass.  Barcelona got the Fifa World Cup the end and Manchester United is just going to have to wait until the next cup.
By Kamal

Skeleton Soccer Game
It was a big game of soccer. Two teams were kicking the ball in the goal. The crowd was screaming until a loud whistle blew and the players from the soccer game disappeared. The crowd was deadly silent and the guy who blew the whistle was a demon and it was a magic whistle. The players from the soccer game teleported back to the game but the players were skeletons and the crowd was shocked. The players were also super shocked but it was halloween. A skeleton song played and the soccer  skeletons started to dance and the demon dance too. The crowd started to dance. An news helicopter came to watch the dancing and the whole city watch them, on the tv too. Luckily, the next morning all the players woke up normally as human. They said to each other we should always play soccer on halloween because that was fun!
By Tobi


  1. Hi Fiona!
    Your work is amazing, I like your descriptive words! I enjoyed reading it!
    From LUCY!

  2. Hi Tobi
    Nice story. I like how you said that the soccer game was on halloween and it is a skeleton game. Nice work!
    From Vaughn

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  4. Hi Vegas,
    your story looks good and interesting.Short and basic story is very nice.Keep up the good work.
    from Zac ;)

  5. Hello room 21. I really liked you stores they were AWESOME!!!!!. I think that you could work on it a tinny bit.other than that it is cool.

  6. ki Ora my name is regan really cool Vegas i really like it was really good you need a fool stop at the end very good writing.