Friday, 7 August 2015

Family Maths Week Challenge

Family Maths Week Challenge
As a family, can you solve these problems?

Problem 1
Oh no, you are trapped inside a dungeon! A guard has offered to free you if you can solve this puzzle. The guard draws a Roman numeral for 9 on the wall with some chalk and challenges you to draw one continuous line and turn this into a 6. If you can solve the puzzle you will be freed!

Problem 24 rows of matchsticks : 1st row - 1 stick; 2nd row - 4 sticks making a square; 3rd row - 7 sticks making two joined squares; 4th row - 10 sticks making 3 joined squares
Make the following pattern using matchsticks or any other materials. (pegs, pencils, felts etc.)
How many more are needed to make a square?
How many more need adding to make yet another square alongside it?
Carry on adding more squares ... a matchstick.
How many matches have you added?
How many matches are there when you have made 10 squares in the row?  20 squares? 50 squares?

Once you have your answers take a photo and send an email to Miss Green  with “Family Maths Week” as the subject.
Please make sure your name and class is clearly written in the email.
You can also draw/write your answer on a piece of paper and deliver it to Room 21.

All entries which are received by Friday will go into our Maths Week prize draw.

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