Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Inspirational Photo

To start term 3 we have been thinking about how lucky we are to be in a digital classroom. We have talked about how we can take more responsibility for our own learning both at home and at school. Together we wrote about the photo using our 'remember to' to guide us, before we wrote by ourselves.

Remember to:
  • describe what you see (explain the photo)
I think this photo is about
I think…. because….
  • Include personal feelings
This photo makes me feel…..
  • explain how this boy could inspire you this term.
This term I will….

A homeless boy, homework and Mcdonald’s. These things usually don't go together but an inspirational photo was taken which shows that they sometimes do.

Miss Green showed the class this photo on Monday. It showed poor, homeless boy doing his homework outside Mcdonalds. We found out that he has no electricity where he sleeps, to see his homework, so he goes outside Mcdonald’s to do it. He takes a small stool with him to use as a desk and uses the light from Mcdonalds to see. He is not allowed inside because he has no money to buy food.
This photo makes me feel sad because of the hard life he has compared to mine. It also makes be feel privileged because I can do my homework at home very easily.

I have been inspired by this boy so I will try to become more independent with my learning this term. I will remember to do my homework at home without being asked by my Mum and Dad. I will use my chromebook for learning first before free time, without making a fuss.

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