Friday, 26 June 2015

100 Word Story Challenge.

This week we were given the challenge of writing a story using only 100 words. Here are some excellent examples.

  • Write a story that has only 100 words or less.
  • Your teacher can only help with spelling.
  • Nobody else can help you.
Remember to:
  • use a hook to start your story - sound, talking, action.
  • use descriptive words to explain what is happening.
  • only include the important, interesting ideas.

The Noise

One dark and stormy night, I was in bed, fast asleep, when I woke up with a start. I heard a noise outside, it was like crackling of leaves. I slowly creeped out of bed and feeling brave, I looked out of the window, but I saw nothing. I felt curious, so I decided to go down there. I walked out the door feeling brave. I heard the crackling noise again. It was coming from the back yard this time. I wonder what it was? I walked into the back yard. I saw a black figure. Oh great!!!! Now I’m scared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Bruno

The Talent Contest

Once there was a fairy named Twinkle. She loved to fly. One day there was a talent show. She didn't know what to do. Her friends were doing magic but she was not very good at magic. Her friends said she could fly in the show. She loved flying so she said “ok”. Everybody was so excited on the day. It was Twinkle’s turn soon so she got ready and flew. She did a loop and somersault. At the end the judge asked everybody to come on on the stage. Then she announced the winner and guess what… Twinkle won!

By Saskia

The Cave Family

Once there lived a cave family who got captured by a humongous dragon. The dragon took them to the most stinkiest place of all time. The Father said “LET US OUT NOW!”  As it echoed really loudly, the dragon got angrier and angrier and threw them into the egg hatching pit which was smelly. Slimy spit went everywhere. Mother and Grandma were so angry that they made a hole through an egg, ate the baby inside and drank all the gooey stuff . They told the dragon ”LET US GO OR WE WILL EAT YOUR BABIES!” So the dragon set them free.

By Phoenix

The Wishing Tree House

I woke up. Where was I? Then I remembered I had moved house. I got dressed into turquoise shorts and a t-shirt.

I ran outside. I felt magic was somewhere close and this was like the greatest moment of my life. Then I saw a dazzling treehouse, it sparkled in the sun. I went in. I thought it was magic, maybe it would take me where I wished. So I wished to go to the land of lollies and guess what happened?

Thats right, I was in the land of lollies. So it takes me where I wish, lucky me.

By Maxine

The Forbidden Forest.

Long ago there was a scary dark forest. The forbidden forest it was called.  No one had ever gone into. Then one day an outlaw, a very brave one, decided that he would go into the forest. He set off the next day. As soon as he had walked in a few steps he slipped and fell into a big cave. There he sat in the pitch black and he heard a noise. A defining sound rang through the cave, ror!!!!! “Oh no” he panted, “what a mistake,” then it relieved itself. A monster. He sprinted up the cave wall.

By Ossain

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