Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dog Safety

On Monday, we were very lucky because we had a visit from Janet and Cody. Janet is a dog safety officer for the Auckland Council and Cody is her very well behaved dog. They taught us many ways to stay safe around dogs and how to look after a dog at home.

May is showing us all how to approach a dog. First, stand back and ask the owner if you can pat their dog. If they say yes, walk up slowly, make a fist for them to smell, then pat on the chest.

If you see a dog coming towards you, you should take off your backpack and have it in between you and the dog. If the dog bites, it will grab your backpack.  
If you can't find a safe place to stand to protect your back or you can't stay on your feet, make yourself into a turtle. 

  • Did you know that dogs are not allowed chocolate, raisins or grapes?

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